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transactions advisory

Transactions advisory

We offer a unique skill in the form of the service of our transaction teams, assembled ad hoc and tailored to each individual transaction. Our experts, tax advisors, accountants, lawyers and financing experts act as one man and advise on the transaction from the initial analyzes to the actual settlement of the transaction, all in one place.

We understand that in the life of every business there will be transactions

Since we have been providing our services mainly to family companies from the so-called Mittelstand since the beginning, we understand that in the life of every business there will be transactions. Whether it is the incorporation of a business plant of a natural person into a trading company, the formation of a concern that systematically distributes business risks within the group, the purchase of an interesting business to expand its services, or the sale of its business as part of retirement to either management or a competitor, we know how to assemble a team , which will guide you through the entire process.

Our professional teams know what it takes to make every transaction bring the desired advantage. They draw up a plan for the progress of the transaction and control the monitoring of the set goals until the very end. They verify that there is no violation of the rules for the protection of competition or the loss of some subsidies, and that the right synergy of the businesses is achieved.


In what areas do clients trust us?

  • Deposits of trading plants into trading companies
  • Formation of concerns and family concerns (to protect assets, to create a synergistic effect, during business restructuring)
  • In-depth inspections when purchasing business companies, business plants or investment units
  • Conversions of commercial companies into investment funds, into companies of other forms or for the purpose of their merger
  • Transaction documentation, its compilation or revision by a cross-disciplinary team
  • Analysis of financing, its impact on the functioning of the company or concern
  • Preparation of business companies for sale
  • Feasibility analysis of the considered investments from a short- and long-term perspective
  • Management buy-out and stock incentive programs for employees
  • Cancellation and liquidation of subsidiaries that have already fulfilled their purpose for the parent concern
We can assemble a team of professionals who will guide you through the entire transaction process.

What do we specialise in

All in one place
From initial analysis to settlement
Professional teams


Robert Musil

Partner VGD legal

Robert is one of the founding partners of VGD Legal. He has many years of experience in a number of legal professions and is a specialist in financial, corporate, M&A and succession law.
Jitka Motlová

Managing Partner Liberec

Jitka joined the VGD team in 2016 as a tax consultant and senior auditor with international experience. She is a statutory auditor and IFRS specialist, speaks fluent English and currently holds the position of managing partner of the VGD branch in Liberec.