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digital services

Digital services

As a reliable partner, we stand by your side. We help reveal your real, often unspoken needs. We then transform these into clear and specific tasks for our IT colleagues.

In what areas do clients trust us?

  • Realization of projects for automation of processes and creation of reporting. Together with you, we create and set up regular reporting from your data, which will allow you to monitor key performance indicators.


  • Selection and implementation of new information systems in the form of supervision of your supplier. We are ready to represent you even during demanding negotiations with IT suppliers.


  • IT audits and consultancy. We will assess whether you are making full use of your IT investments and getting maximum value from your technological resources.
We promise that we know the specifics of your business and will help you.

What do we specialise in

Optimization and digitization of processes

Because we know your business, we will help you set your individual IT strategy in the context of the latest innovations such as advanced automation, properly selected artificial intelligence tools and machine learning. We combine cloud and on-premises applications to create optimal process settings together.

Supervision of ERP implementation

We are here when you choose new information systems. We will guide you through the entire ERP implementation process. We look for and propose optimal solutions for you that best fit into your company's processes and culture. We ensure the correct setting of contractual terms, reveal your real needs - even the unspoken ones - and translate them into a language understandable to people from IT. Whether it is about projects in the field of automotive, hospitals or production, we always experience them together with you.

Security and reporting

We emphasize the security of the data of the entire organization and of your customers already during the design of your processes and systems. Thanks to an understanding of your business needs, we are able to aggregate all your business data and present it in a clear form. Our reports are not just static tables, but your story.


Sulovsky 2
Jiří Sulovský

Managing director & Partner IT Solutions

"When we help with information systems, we primarily see people and their stories behind them. Whether it's a giant corporation or a small business, we're always looking for the best tailor-made solution. We believe that the key to success is a personal approach to customers and sharing every step with them. We will be happy to translate the IT jargon into the language of business. Whether you are in the automotive industry, services or manufacturing, we see it as a joint project. We are here for you not only when you need IT advice, but whenever you need help - whether at home or abroad thanks to our global network."