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appraisal/transfer pricing

Appraisal/Transfer pricing

We are independent professionals with many years of international experience in the field of business valuation and its intangible, immovable and movable assets, including valuations for damages, lost profits and other litigation. In practice, we have met almost every sector of the economy, we understand energy, industry, construction and the service sector, and we have access to important international databases such as Bloomberg, Amadeus and Capital IQ.


Clients place their trust in us when determining the independent and defensible value of assets for the purposes of the transformation and restructuring of companies, non-monetary contributions and additional payments outside of the company’s share capital, transfers of assets between related parties, issues of employee or priority shares, documents for decisions by executives and boards of directors acting with due diligence landlords, crowding out of minority shareholders, bids and mandatory takeover bids, international financial reporting (IFRS), litigation and arbitration, the needs of insolvency administrators, mortgages and loan collateral, review of expert opinions, transfer pricing for the needs of tax proceedings, guarantees, executions and auctions, financial assistance, feasibility and profitability analysis and revision of financial models.

The assets we value include businesses or their parts, organizational components, small and large stock and trading interests in trading companies, intangible assets (trademarks, know-how, licenses, patents and utility models, software), financial assets, valuable papers, real estate, production sites, individual movables and sets of movables, stocks, receivables and payables, contracts, lost profits/damages, warranties and leasing.


Transfer pricing

We create documentation of transfer prices and their updating, including possible implementation into expert opinions, revision and updating of processed documentation (Master file and Local file). We prepare comparative analyzes to find out the usual market values of indicators, interest rates, etc. using external databases. We are setting up a transfer pricing system.

We also represent clients in potential disputes with the tax authority, we provide advice in the area of intangible assets and their financing, as well as in the area of profit allocation of permanent establishments. We provide training for employees of the financial and controlling departments, which are oriented towards the issue of risks in the area of transfer pricing.

In practice, we have encountered almost every sector of the economy.
We understand energy, industry and construction as well as the service sector.

What do we specialise in


Determining independent, defensible property values for a variety of purposes.

Transfer pricing

Setting up, updating, revisions and expert opinions of transfer prices, analysis of indicators, professional advice and training.


Dagmar Dušková

Audit Manager Praha & Partner VGD Appraisal

Dagmar is a graduate of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at the University of Economics in Prague and has been part of the VGD since 2003. In the field of auditing, she deals with the financial and business sector of audits of statutory and consolidated financial statements according to Czech accounting standards or IFRS, audits of consolidation packages according to group accounting rules, audit of subsidies, audit of opening balance sheets and participates in financial due diligence. In the expert office, he is the guarantor of expert opinions and valuation reports to the full extent of the expert authority of the expert office.
Daniel Knopp

Head of transfer pricing VGD Appraisal

Daniel is a graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Economics in Prague, where he also successfully completed a specialization course in real estate valuation. He has been a part of the VGD team, where he uses his practical experience with the metallurgical industry, engineering, foundry, transport technology and international trade, since 2013. Thanks to his experience in the field of transfer pricing and valuation, he worked as a mentor at the University of Economics in Prague for many years, lectured at the Masaryk Institute of higher studies at CTU and taught valuation of real estate and business plants at private higher vocational schools and universities. As part of the continuous education process, he deals with tax issues.
Miloslav Mahdík

Head of valuation VGD Appraisal

Miloslav is a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague with a specialization in Valuation of Business and its Assets and Economic Policy, as well as in Economic Theory at the Faculty of Economics, Charles University in Prague. He has extensive experience from working at the NOVOTA a.s. Appraisal Institute and BDO Appraisal services - Znalecký ústav s.r.o. He has been with VGD Appraisal since 2011 and holds the position of Head of Appraisal Assignments for the Czech Republic. He is appointed as a court-appointed expert in the field of business valuation. He also deals with practical problems in the field of valuation of lost profits and damages in general and transfer pricing issues in the context of related parties.
Václav Kunášek

Head of real estate VGD Appraisal

Václav is a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the postgraduate educational field of real estate valuation at the Institute of Forensic Engineering of BUT in Brno. He has been engaged in real estate valuation since 2011, and during his practice he participated in the processing of a number of different expert opinions in the field of ascertaining the prices of various types of real estate, including production, warehouse and operational premises, investment units, administrative buildings, residential buildings, family houses and land.