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Correctly maintained accounting is the basis for us. Only on the basis of properly maintained accounting can we properly compile tax returns and prepare quality reports for clients for their decision-making. When accounting for each accounting operation, we respect the main purpose of the Accounting Act, that is to keep the accounting in such a way that the financial statement is compiled on its basis in an understandable way and presents a faithful and honest picture of the subject of accounting and the financial situation of the accounting entity.

In what areas do clients trust us?

We are happy for demanding clients who inspire us and push us forward in the process of improving the quality of our work. That’s why we focus primarily on the professional side of bookkeeping, we don’t want to spend time getting documents into the system.

We use all available modern accounting processing methods:

  • digitization and automation
  • data exports and imports
  • document approval system
  • cloud solutions for the transmission of documents
  • client access to our accounting system via VPN
  • all in one system, saving time, energy, reducing error rate

Clients have the option in our system:

  • approve documents by authorized persons
  • keep primary records of documents, books of received invoices, cash registers, issue issued invoices
  • pay your obligations by importing orders into your electronic banking
  • upload bank statements and have an up-to-date overview of receivables and liabilities

We carry out analysis and expert advice in the field of accounting systems, and accounting due diligence (review of the accounting of any accounting unit). We also provide advice on the selection, implementation and setup of accounting software, as well as help with the transition to digitisation and automation of accounting.

Correctly maintained accounting is the basis for us.
We are happy for demanding clients who inspire us and push us forward in the process of improving the quality of our work.

What do we specialise in

Accounting due diligence
Electronic accounting


Lukáš Beránek

Accounting Manager Praha

Lukáš worked for many years as the chief accountant of a large banking group. He joined VGD in 2001 and currently holds the position of manager of the accounting department.
Lenka Zahradníková

Accounting Manager Praha

Lenka is a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague. She joined VGD in 2017 as a junior accountant, and after experience in the accounting and then the tax department, she became one of the managers of the accounting department in 2021.
Martin Svoboda

Accounting Manager Praha

Martin joined VGD in 2011 after previous experience in payroll accounting. He initially worked as an accountant and subsequently worked his way up to the position of manager of the accounting department.
Marek Koutecký

Accounting & Payroll Manager Liberec

"I have been a part of VGD since 2004, when I started as a junior accountant at the age of 21 with minimal previous experience. I am therefore an example of the fact that VGD offers wide opportunities for development and application to all its employees. In my position, I currently hold the position of manager of the accounting and payroll department in the Liberec branch of VGD, where I take care of the operation of the accounting and payroll department. In particular, I deal with the onboarding of new clients, the setting up of their accounting processes and payroll processing, the implementation of accounting from their existing systems and other technical issues. My personal goal is to implement new technologies into everyday practice so that we always have at our disposal all modern tools that will make our work easier and allow us to move forward."
Simona Uhrová

Accounting & Payroll Manager Olomouc