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Almost 14,000 of our clients’ employees check out our great work every month. We are not afraid of inspections, we have a stable team of payroll accountants. Their rich experience and continuous education will ensure first-class processing of the payroll and personnel agenda, including related formalities not only in the area of taxes, social security and health insurance. We enjoy wages, the proof of this is our long-term and satisfied clients.

In what areas do clients trust us?

  • digitization and automation of payroll processes
  • application for creating basic work – legal documents
  • HR portal for communication
  • management of personnel agenda
  • payroll processing
  • preparation of reports and payroll outputs according to the client’s requirements
  • cooperation in controls and audits
  • processing of the annual tax settlement
  • consulting in the field of labor law
Almost 14,000 of our clients' employees check out our great work every month.

What do we specialise in

Digitization in the area of payroll and personnel agenda
Information security
Consulting in the field of labor law


Dana Tichá

Payroll Manager Praha

Dana is a graduate of the University of Silesia, Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship in Karviná. She became a part of VGD already during her university studies in 2000, when she started as an independent accountant and helped in the audit department. After completing her studies, she became part of the tax department team and then the payroll accounting team, where she has been working as a department manager since 2018.
Simona Uhrová

Accounting & Payroll Manager Olomouc

Marek Koutecký

Accounting & Payroll Manager Liberec

"I have been a part of VGD since 2004, when I started as a junior accountant at the age of 21 with minimal previous experience. I am therefore an example of the fact that VGD offers wide opportunities for development and application to all its employees. In my position, I currently hold the position of manager of the accounting and payroll department in the Liberec branch of VGD, where I take care of the operation of the accounting and payroll department. In particular, I deal with the onboarding of new clients, the setting up of their accounting processes and payroll processing, the implementation of accounting from their existing systems and other technical issues. My personal goal is to implement new technologies into everyday practice so that we always have at our disposal all modern tools that will make our work easier and allow us to move forward."
Marie Matušková

Payroll Manager Olomouc

Marie has been part of the VGD team since 2017. Thanks to her previous practical experience, she gradually worked her way up to the position of head of the payroll department.
He is currently managing a team of payroll accountants, setting up processes for new clients and processing the payroll agenda.